COVID, Instructions for players, parents, coaches

1.       Fill in the form in the link in Appendix 2 to show that you are clear to play rugby.

2.       Read the guidance documents in the rest of the appendices that apply to you e.g. if you’re a Compliance officer or a player or a coach etc.

3.       Do the sporting Ireland Covid 19 Awareness Course and test to get your Certificates- Part A for everyone and Part B for compliance officers but anyone else can do it also.

4.       Compliance officers will arrange to get the pre return to rugby personal assessments form and certificates from you.

5.       We notify the IRFU that we have things in place.

6.       Training then starts which is planned for the 21st July for seniors (Men and Woman)

You can complete the required certification online by clicking here.

You should then print a copy of the certificate you receive and present it to the compliance officer appointed to your squad.

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