Name:  Shane Roche

Nickname:  Turkey

Favourite food: chicken and new spuds

Favourite music: I listen to everything

Favourite Quote: Last orders there what can I get ya

Apart from Rugby what other hobbies do you have:  Golf, fishing, darts and drinking

Years involved in Rugby/Associated with NRRFC: 18 years

Club Role: Coach u18.5,  Top lotto ticket seller

Best moment seen in rugby: Shane horgan scoring in the corner against England in Twickenham Club moment playing the league in 2013

Proudest Individual NRRFC moment: Performing as back Street boys for Stars in your eyes

If you were to describe NRRFC to someone what would you say: Come along and give it a go. It’s great crack and ya meet friends for life and sure we play the odd game of rugby as well

And Finally tell us something about yourself that people might not know: I’m not actually a bad out half.

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