NRRFC COVID19 Protocols

Return to Rugby summary of actions required for New Ross RFC.

    Know what’s required for pre return to rugby:


  • Follow Public Health requirements and IRFU return to work guidelines (See return to rugby roadmap and links on attached page).
  • Appoint officers-Safety Officer, Compliance Officer for each team, Committee and back up.
  • Complete pre return to rugby personal assessment declaration.
  • Signs and controls in place at entrance and access to pitches.
  • Awareness/Training – Guidelines/Procedures available on IRFU website and in H&S plan.
  • Complete Safety Planning stage and Health and Safety Plan with Risk Assessment.
  • Confirm with IRFU all above are in place and implemented. Critical Point 1.

Show respect for others and you’re ready for non contact training Planned for July 21st :

  • Show respect to others and continue to follow the return to rugby plan.
  • Follow the training plan provided by compliance officers as outlined by the IRFU.
  • Complete the non contact training and adhere to the training plan for each group.
  • Continue to complete checklists and forms as required by compliance officers.
  • Personal responsibility is critical-Know the symptoms, Hand Hygiene, Cough Etiquette, Keep social distance, Sign in, Be on time, Leave quickly, keep updated with guidelines.
  • Follow training guideline and H& S plan always as outlined by officers. Critical Point 2

Go-Contact stage and Competition:    Planned – When previous stags are successful:

  • Continue to observe the guidelines learned in earlier stages-safe behaviour.
  • Follow updated training plans for contact rugby.
  • Get ready for competition stage-at least five weeks from this stage.
  • Continue to update information on Covid 19 from Public Health and IRFU guidelines.
  • Ensure you follow compliance officer’s instructions and coaches training plans. Critical Point 3.


  1. Current guidelines don’t include the use of clubhouse and these will be updated in line with IRFU guidelines.


  1. Seniors will start first followed by under age and minis for all grades-dates to be finalised.


  1. Training/Awareness: See attached Appendices with links to Information on Covid 19, Guidelines for all, Responsibility for Officers and others and Covid 19 Health and Safety operating procedure for clubs. (14 in total).


NNB: Adherence to the guidelines in the return to rugby plan will reduce/eliminate the risk in contacting Covid 19 in the club and community and the plan may go forward as well as return to earlier stages or stop completely due to public health concerns. This is why we must observe the guidelines and follow compliance officer’s instructions and not accept bad behaviour.

Remember:  Know what you must do to Return to Rugby.

Everyone must play their part to be successful-Personal responsibility.


Links to Documentation required for Return to Rugby for New Ross RFC.

Ref 1:     Government COVID 19 advice

Ref 2:     IRFU site and Appendices for Information/Training and Guidelines:

Return to Rugby for clubs and Roadmap     Before we start.

Return to Rugby on Pitch Guidelines            When we train and get ready for competition.

Documentation for training/Awareness for the pre Return to Rugby stage:

Appendix 1 Corona Virus General Information
Appendix 2 Pre-Return To Rugby Personal Assessment Declaration
Appendix 3 Guidelines For Players
Appendix 4 Guidelines For Coaches
Appendix 5 Guidelines For Parents/Guardians
Appendix 6 Guidelines For Events (Adult Based)
Appendix 7 Guidelines For Events (Children & Youth)
Appendix 8 Guidelines For Clubs
Appendix 9 Guidelines For COVID-19 Club Safety Officer
Appendix 10 Guidelines For COVID-19 Safety Planning Stage
Appendix 11 Recommended Roles & Responsibilities For COVID-19 Club Safety Officer
Appendix 12 Recommended Roles & Responsibilities For COVID-19 Club Compliance Officers
Appendix 13 COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan Template (inc. Risk Assessment) – WORD DOC
Appendix 14 COVID-19 Health & Safety Operating Procedures For Clubs

NB:  Appendix 10 and Appendix 13 will be provided as a site specific document for New Ross Rugby Football Club as required by the IRFU Return to rugby guidelines. Everyone must be aware of their responsibility in relation to COVID-19 before we return to rugby. These are your clubs documents to be followed to comply with the guidelines.

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