Statement 21/12/20

Cases of Covid 19 have increased steeply in our part of County Wexford in the last 10 days which means the risk of getting Covid is higher now than at any time in recent months. In recognition of this increased risk, the Club suspended all training effective 17/12/20 to protect the health of members and their families.

On Sunday 20/12/20, the Club Covid Officer informed that some Club members had tested positive for Covid 19. It would appear this may have been related to a matter outside the remit of the Club. It is not related to any Club organised activity or event.

The Club has put extremely stringent measures in place to protect all members since Covid has entered our lives and these measures, which have been approved by IRFU, have been regularly reviewed and are rigorously implemented.

Due to the close personal relationships, family and friendships, which exist among our members, the Club Committee wishes to remind everyone of the current national advice which exists.

Please remember that Covid 19 spreads from person to person when we are in close contact with each other and it is possible for someone to be infectious while feeling completely well. To reduce the risk to you, your family and your community over the upcoming holiday period, you should keep the number of people you meet to a minimum. When meeting people from outside your home, keep 2 metres apart when possible and wear face coverings. This is particularly important when meeting with people who are more vulnerable for reasons of age or medical history. Remember to wash or sanitise your hands frequently.

If you develop symptoms, self-isolate and contact your GP who will arrange a test if required. If you are a close contact of a case, follow the advice given by Public Health or contact tracing to restrict your movements. If you feel you may have been in contact with a case recently and have not received advice, please phone your GP for advice and you will be referred for testing if needed.

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